Equipping our Daughters

I can’t recall the start of my hormones or the emotions they brought, but as I watch my girls grow and change I can see the small swings they have and how much their minds are increasingly ‘under attack.’

As I reflect on my current emotional battles that tend to swing on a monthly cycle 😉 I notice how much weaker my mind is.  All month long I have highs and lows, thoughts and emotions that may or may not be rational, but there are times that it seems like I lose the ability to discern and end up taken captive by my negativity. I end up being ruled by my negative emotions instead of ruling over them.

Your battle might be similar to mine, I usually battle with increased insecurity, self-doubt, fear, worry…  All leading me to be grouchiness, sadness, and discouragement.

Now, if at the age of 35, I struggle with this and know that the only way to overcome these feelings is to work very hard to place truth on my hormone-induced lies and still tend to fail, how much more do our daughters need us to coach them.

My daughter is young, so a lot of things haven’t started, but I can tell that she cyclically has struggled with anxiety and worry.   Her mind takes her prisoner, and she has a hard time discerning if her thoughts are truth or lies.   She also doesn’t know God well enough to replace His truths with her lies, and that is where she needs me to point the way.

Older Women must train younger woman – Titus 2

It’s our job as mom’s to train up our daughters in the right paths, the God-designed paths. I make an effort to talk with my girls about the struggles I face on a regular basis and how I try to deal with them and overcome each one with faith.  Through this, it has opened a door for them to come to me with their similar struggles.

Last Night’s Training Ground

Not long after I tucked my 10-year-old in she came to be telling me she couldn’t get some negative thoughts out of her head.  She said she prayed that God would take them away, but they just won’t go away.

Been there done that… “God can you please take these thoughts away,”  yet I continue to think about them, keep the storyline going through my head, not actually willing to take the thought captive and make it obedient.  He won’t remove them if we aren’t going to make them obey him.

Our minds can be complicated to figure out.  Even Paul talks about not understanding himself.

The more you pay attention to the battle in your mind we see the constant war at play between right and wrong  – sinful and obedient … It seriously feels like war doesn’t it?

I believe that women and girls are powerful tools that God uses to soften hearts and help blaze a trail to Him.  That’s why I think it is vital that we are training our girls every chance we get. And training our selves constantly to be equipped to train.

Satan wants to devour our girls. He wants to destroy them so that they can not further God’s kingdom. And if someone is going to mess with my daughter – they are going to have to go through me and my God first!

We need to stand up and stand against all the evil forces of our world and be increasingly alert because Satan is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour!

So, we need to look for opportunities with our daughters to teach them about God so that they may know Him more.

I’m not proud of my past or my struggles, but God is using each one of them to equip me to train my girls.

Last Night’s Exercise to Overcome

Last night, with my daughter’s mind struggles, was one of those opportunities.  I am so grateful for the current relationship that I have with God that He provides me the tools, wisdom, and ability to talk directly to her heart.

Here’s what we did:

  1. I told her that her thoughts have put her in prison.  That they are controlling her.
    1. I asked if she wanted to be controlled by such a bad thing – she, of course, said no 🙂
  2.  I told her that we need to take every thought our prisoner and control it instead and give it to God by replacing it with the truth.  IF we don’t that makes us feel like this – sad and afraid.
  3. I told her to take the thought and pretend that she puts it into her hands and squeezes it tight so it can’t get back out.
  4. Then we prayed “God this thought is not obeying you and it’s hurting me, I don’t like it will you please take it away” – then I had her open her hands and say positive things to replace the bad we just let go of.

Our daughters need us! As they enter into that 11-12-year-old stage all the way through high school their insecurities rise, self-doubt feels overwhelming, comparison hurts, and a lack of self-understanding confuses them. They begin to search for their place, where they belong and wonder about their worth.

If we aren’t there to support them and apply God’s truth to them this world and Satan will be more likely to lead them astray.

I am a realist, I know that, even if it was possible, the perfect parent could not ensure her children won’t go astray.  It’s not something we can control.  But what we can do is equip them, train them, guide and build them up.

Each time you encourage them to share with you, each time you replace their lies with God’s truth and pray over it, you give them the tools they need for the constant battles with the evil forces of the world.

Lord, thank you for our daughters.  Help us to guide them to you with each increasing challenge they face.  Help us be a safe and non-judgemental place for our girls to go when they feel confused and give us the wisdom to lead their hearts directly to you.  Keep them safe, Lord, from the evils that are looking to devour them.  In Jesus name, we Pray, Amen.


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  1. 🙂 🙂 you had me cracking up, “…go through you and your God”. 🙂 🙂 They may get past you but they will never get past you God, that’s for sure

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