Break Free and Live Anchored!

Calling all Ladies ages 11-100 – Learning to Live Anchored and Loved through Knowledge and Trust in God

I’m a Jesus loving-type-A-strong-willed-hot-mess of a woman with a need for healing.  I’m a wife, a mom, a step-mom, horse owner, a cattle farmer and fitness nut.  I’m healing the brokenness of my past, blending my family, and being an intentional, forward-thinking woman as I build my marriage and equip my girls with Godly centered tools.

This world tends to devour us when we living 2live unaware. I spent many years of my life living this way ~ chasing after things and people trying to find my worth and always coming up empty and more broken.

Today I’m much closer to living in the freedom God has given each of us.  I’ve learned that God’s Truth destroys the lies Satan tells me and through truth, I’m a new Woman.

Living anchored in His Truth is where real life happens. I desire for all woman, moms, and girls to know this freedom in Christ.

Living anchored is a daily journey – sometimes minute by minute putting trust in Christ in every circumstance.

The purpose of my blog is to equip, train, and coach like-minded ladies of all ages to love themselves more and model goldy confidence to their girls.

I also believe that girls between the ages of 10 and 16 need the most encouragement and direction to maintain a godly life.  This is the season when peer pressure, self-doubt, and insecurities sneak up the loudest. With an increased desire to know who they are and where they belong – It’s vital that each one of them knows they are loved and that they are warriors.

God created each of us to stand out, be bold in faith, and lean on him for every need.  Together, with Him leading the way, we can further His kingdom.